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Father’s Day | Delaware Wedding & Portrait Photographer

These books are, by far, my favorite gift to give my husband for Father’s Day.  This will be the 4th year we’ve done it and it’s so fun to see how the kids’ answers change over the years.  I designed all the pages and then have the kids fill them out — some pages are just photos, some pages have handprints, some have drawings the kids did and some have questions that the kids answer.  I had the book printed at www.mpixpro.com.


EFP_1025 copy

EFP_1028 copy

EFP_1030 copy

EFP_1032 copy

And some of my favorite pages from past books:

My daughter was three years old and drew a picture of herself, her Daddy and her little brother.  You’ll notice she made sure to make the boys anatomically correct.  “A big one for Daddy and a little one for CJ”, she said.EFP_1034 copy

Handprints and footprints from  our youngest son, who was born at just 29 weeks that year.  EFP_1035 copy

I love her answer to “what does Daddy do at work?”  “He just listens to music and I think he does stuff on his computer”  [he actually teaches chemistry at a local college]EFP_1036 copy


This one was from the year Daddy was doing the Adkins diet.  EFP_1038 copy



My husband loves his Wawa coffee and the kids all learn this from a very early age.  Their logo is a goose and CJ [2 years old at this point] started calling it “Tweet Tweet Wawa”

EFP_1037 copy



Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there!  But especially to my Dad, my stepdad, my father-in-law and, of course, my husband!  I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful fathers!!!


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