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Blog Circle: Discovery

I am participating in a blog circle with some photographer friends of mine and this week’s theme is ‘discovery’.  Since I spent the majority of time at the NICU with my youngest, my subject choice is limited.  So here is little Charlie ‘discovering’ hunger — this was the first day he was ‘ad lib’ feeding, which means instead of getting fed every three hours, on schedule, he is now eating whenever he is hungry.  I am breastfeeding, but sometimes it wears him out and we need to top him off with a little bottle feeding.  This is also the first time Daddy fed him (a bit of re-discovering going on there too).

29 week preemie, chronic placenta abruption


Check out Jen Snyder’s (of Lux Amoris) take on discovery here: http://www.luxamoris.com/journal/


Jen Snyder - What a beautiful discovery! 🙂

brie homer - beautiful erin!

Lindsay Parks - Oh my–precious. Charlie will be discovering so much over the next few months. Congratulations Erin!! 🙂

Carrie S - Love seeing Charlie grow stronger! Glad he’s doing so well.

Melissa - Oh, he is getting so big! Way to go, Charlie! You sure are making your parents so very proud!

Ryann - Charlie is sooo cute. I am thrilled he is doing so well. Eat eat eat!

Kat - Aww, so sweet 🙂 Can’t wait to see the picture of you taking your little man home!

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