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The B Family {Delaware Child and Family Photographer}

While I was in the Poconos, I took some time to photograph one of my favorite families 🙂

Funny story – – I had been eyeing up this gorgeous field next to this old, abandoned barn, so we stopped there for a couple shots.  We weren’t out there for two seconds, when an old man across the street came hobbling out of his house and started yelling at us to get off his property (oops!).  I apologized and told him we had just stopped to take a few pictures, but that we would leave if it wasn’t okay with him.  He mumbled that it was okay, so we attempted to keep shooting.  But it was just too awkward with him watching us, so we quickly gave up.  As we were walking back to the cars, he yells “Make sure you wash your legs off, you were standing in a bunch of poison ivy!”  Nice.


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