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My baby is ONE!

One year ago today, at exactly 7:32am, you came into this world, fast and furious (we had just gotten to the hospital seven MINUTES before you were born)!   I really wanted to have your Aunt Mandy there to photograph the delivery, but that wasn’t happening this time.  But she did get there soon after and got one of my favorite images of you.

You have certainly given us a run for our money in the sleep department — for almost six months, I never got more than 3 hours of sleep at a time.  But you have always been so happy.  You have the cutest little dimples and you have a tendency to turn your head to the side when you smile.  And your hair!  Oh, I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that you have red hair!  It’s just the tiniest bit course and when it has sunscreen on it, I can make a little mohawk with it.  Your Daddy hates when I do it, but I can’t help myself.  You love the camera and smile whenever you see one, much the delight of your photographer Mommy.

You have these beady little eyes that are so dark brown you can barely see your pupils.  And while you look just like your Daddy (and boy, does he like to remind everyone of that fact anytime someone says that you’re cute), I’m sorry, but you definitely have the Farrell ears.  🙂

You are incredibly strong-willed and opinionated.  and you have absolutely no patience.  When you want something, you want it NOW.  And if I try to give you something else, you scream and throw it on the ground.  We are having some trouble right now with hitting – – you think it’s funny to hit me on my face.  And even funnier when I tell you “NO”.  But for all your rough and tumble boy ways, you are the best cuddler ever.  Practically anytime I pick you up, you will lay your head down on my shoulder.  And lately, you also tuck your arms under your body to get extra comfy.

Happy, happy birthday my sweet baby boy.  I love you very much.  🙂


Heather Smith - How fast it goes Erin!!! Your little man sounds just like my Ben. Rough and tumble boy but the best hugger ever! Just don’t piss him off because you will get socked! LOL I love the red hair too! I was hoping to have a red head but none so far. We have red hair on both sides of the family of course my grandmother HATED it her whole life! But the red heads are just so cute!! Enjoy your little man and your beautiful little girl! You have the most cutest kids!!

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