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Happy 3rd Birthday Molly!

Dear Molly,

Although you hate when we call you our baby, you will always be our baby girl.  It absolutely amazes me to see how much you’ve grown in the last three years.  You are such a sweet girl and you say please and thank you and I’m sorry all the time.  Even if you accidentally hit a key on my keyboard, you’ll say “I sorry Mommy.”  And you’ve recently started ordering for yourself in restaurants (that REALLY makes me proud since I don’t think I had the courage to do that until I was a teen)

You’re so smart  – you know all your colors, shapes and body parts.  You can say the alphabet and recognize practically all of the letters.  You can count to 16, write your name and CJ’s name and you know that my name has a lot of m’s in it.  You have huge vocabulary and have recently started asking me what certain words mean.  And the ‘why mommy?’ phase just hit strong two days ago.

You love to cuddle with me at night before bed.  Really, you always want me to do everything for you, especially when it comes to getting you out of the car.  You whine and cry if Daddy even opens your door.  You love your Daddy, but boy are you a mama’s girl!

I have loved watching you as a two year old and I’m a little sad that you’re not two anymore – – I’ve always said that two year olds are my favorite age.  But I am so excited to watch you grow into a three year old!  I know going to preschool is going to be wonderful for you and I’m certain that we’re going to see huge changes in you over the next year.

I love you, baby girl.  And I always will.

As I was collecting one image for each of the last twelve months, I found myself picking mainly black and whites.  So I went with it and converted my other favorites to black and white as well.


Erica - Hi Erin-

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to both of your kiddos! They are adorable 🙂 and I just love your photos.

I have a question from one blogger to another… I am a total amateur, who has taken a hiatus from photography all together for the last few years. But now I am 38 weeks pregnant and will soon have a new subject! I am searching for a new SLR that will help me snap good shots of the little man on the way without costing me an arm and a leg or leaving me totally confused as to how it functions. Any advice on what camera would be the best buy?


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