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[Delaware Wedding and Portrait Photographer] :: Amy & George

I had such a nice time catching up with Amy and George the other night for their engagement session!  Amy and I were friends in middle school and I think my most vivid memory of her is riding the bus after intramural volleyball.  Mrs. Mannering was our no-nonense bus driver and we were only allowed to talk to the person directly across from us and we were most DEFINITELY not allowed to eat anything.  Well . . . Amy and I, being super cool middle schoolers (insert sarcasm), got great fun out of disobeying those rules.  We’d talk to each other over the seats (*gasp*) and the part I remember most . . . . eating toothpaste simply because it was the only “food” we had and we wanted to break the rules that bad.  What were we thinking?!?!?  lol

But now she’s getting ready to marry a super nice guy and I’m so glad I was at least able to shoot their engagement pictures.


Nicole - Fab ring shot!

Brenda Jorgensen - I love these images! Love the ring especially and just their feet on the bridge is priceless. They will be so happy, I can tell. Good job!

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