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Adam and Kim :: MARRIED! [Delaware Wedding Photographer]

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of second shooting Adam and Kim’s wedding with the very talented Sarah Shulte. (Check out her post HERE)

The thing I was most excited about?  Being in the back of the church with Kim, her dad and her bridesmaids before the ceremony.  Usually, I’m waiting up front so I never am the one capturing those last few seconds before a bride becomes a wife.  So happy to have the opportunity this time.  🙂

Here are some of my images from the day.

The church had amazing stained glass windows that let in beautiful, colorful light.


Sarah - YAY! Looks awesome, Erin…it was so fun shooting with you! Thanks for all your help and for your wonderful work.

Patricia Alesi - Great pics. You captured the happiness of the day!

Gene Alesi - You are a gifted photographer.

Matt and Jillian :: ENGAGED! [Delaware Wedding Photographer]

Now that my 2010 wedding season is over, I’m really looking forward to 2011!  I have some AMAZING couples for next year and I am so excited for all their weddings!

Take Matt and Jillian . . . not only are they a super sweet, fun couple, but they’re gorgeous to boot!  Can you just picture how amazing Jillian is going to look in a wedding gown?


kelly - what a cute couple!
i love that you used that coke wall. when you did our session, before you arrived i lamented to Christian that it was so high up on the wall and how cool of a backdrop it would have been. i wish now that i had pointed it out to you. i should have known that you’d make it work. 🙂

great job!

erica - Beautiful photos! (And yes, Jillian looks gorgeous in all of these!)

Erin - The pictures are awesome! Can’t wait for the wedding! 🙂

Beth - Beautiful! I love the Coke picture….Jillian, you know you thought of me during that shot! (lol)
The last photo is my favorite! You both look so happy in love!

Matt & Jillian {Delaware Wedding Photographer} « Erin Farrell Photography – Delaware Wedding Newborn Baby Infant Child and Children's Photographer Wilmington Delaware DE - […] our awesome engagement session last fall, I was really looking forward to Matt & Jillian’s wedding day.  It was a […]

Sisters {Delaware Child Photographer}

I first met Miss A and Miss C’s Momma over three years ago when we were both pregnant with our oldest children.  Her sister, Meghan, was engaged and had scheduled a consultation with me to discuss wedding photography and she tagged along.  They come from an amazing family and I had an awesome time at Meghan and Luke’s wedding.  I also shot Miss A’s one year pictures and now little Miss C was turning one.  And guess who tagged along this time?  Meghan and her new baby girl! So much fun to see everyone again. 🙂


Trick or Treat

Or “Tic ehr teetin'”  as Molly called it.  🙂

She had been so excited all day.   Scratch that . . she had been so excited all WEEK.  We set off and she did great.  CJ, however, just wanted to walk.  and not necessarily towards the houses.   And eat his candy . . . through the wrapper.  So after about 4-5 houses, Daddy took CJ back to the house to hand out candy while Molly and I kept going.  After two more houses, she also wanted to go home.  I managed to get her to walk around the blog and hit a few more houses, but all she wanted to do was go home.  She did love handing out candy to the other kids though.  🙂

Onto the pics (Molly was Snow White and CJ was Dopey, if you couldn’t tell).  He will probably hate me when he’s older, but he looked so darn cute!


Beira - so cute! I can’t believe how big CJ is already!!!

The C Family

What a great idea to get your whole family together for a big family photo? And they all coordinated so well. 🙂

The littlest grandson was such a trooper!  They had been in the car a while when they got there, so I was expecting him to be a bit cranky, but this was literally the very first solo shot of him!

and the two older grandsons who were such good sports.

and my favorite — the two that started it all.  🙂

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