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And the Winner is . . . .

The Curtis Family!

I have to say, it was incredibly hard to choose a winner this year.  I received so many letters that tugged at my heart and it’s taken me all day to figure out who to pick . . . because all the families are certainly deserving.  I appreciate all the entries and I truly hope everyone who entered shares their letter of nomination with the family they nominated because I think they would appreciate reading all your kind words even more than a portrait session.

April H.  sent in a letter about her neighbor, Michelle Curtis.  Here is an exert from her letter:

Michelle is the mother of 3 beautiful children: Kevin (8 yrs), Rileyanne (5), and Casey (2).  After Michelle gave birth to the youngest, Casey, she contracted a heart virus.  There really isn’t a name for this heart virus, but it causes Ventricular Tachycardia (which is a very fast, bad heart rhythm). This sometimes causes her to pass out and she fears that one day she will not wake up. Any type of exercise or stress will make her heart rate go up and becomes dangerous.  Walking up and down the steps causes her heart to skip beats and walking in stores or anywhere else is out of the question so she recently started using a wheelchair when out. . . . I admire Michelle tremendously because while struggling with this heart virus and the unknowns of this condition, she strives to ensure that her children are leading a normal life.  Michelle always puts her children before her own needs and is an AMAZING mother.  She tries to make sure that her children enjoy every day of their childhood and goes above and beyond to make this happen. . . .Michelle and John are the most sincere people that I have ever met and they would do anything to help others.  They give 100% to their friends and family and they truly deserve the opportunity to capture their beautiful family in your photography!  I know that they would be honored to be chosen and will cherish the opportunity forever. “

Congratulations Curtis Family!   I can’t wait to meet you guys! 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!


The L Family [Middletown Delaware Family and Child Photographer]

I met up with the L Family a few weeks ago and we did some pictures in their beautiful home and then headed out to a great outdoor location.


The L Family {Middletown Delaware Children’s Photographer} » Erin Farrell Photography – Delaware Wedding Newborn Baby Infant Child and Children's Photographer Wilmington Delaware DE - […] was the 5th time (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)  I’ve photographed this family and this time was even more special […]

Breakfast with Santa [Delaware Wedding and Portrait Photographer]

This past weekend, Carina of Remember This Day and I hosted a breakfast with Santa for our clients.  We had a great turnout and I hope everyone had as nice of a time as we did!  It was a little hard playing “host” and “photographer”, but I did manage to grab a few shots from the event.

and my own daughter, Molly, who had no idea that Santa was actually her beloved Grampy.  CJ wouldn’t go near him.

Thanks again to everyone that came out!  Carina and I are already talking about making this an annual tradition.  🙂


A Different Kind of Sneak Peek {Delaware Wedding and Portrait Photography}

I arrived a little early for this session, so I left my camera in the car and walked around the gardens a bit.  I did have my phone on me and since I hadn’t had a chance to take many pics with it, I decided to test it out on a couple locations I had in mind for my session.  It was fun to go back and compare.

This location:

delaware portrait photographer

turned into this portrait:

delaware portrait photographer

This location:

resulted in this:

delaware portrait photographer

and this:

delaware portrait photographer

And my favorite spot:

delaware portrait photographer

gave me this final portrait:

delaware portrait photographer


Evelyn - Gorgeous locations!! And so beautiful what you did with them. Great job!!

kristin - turning the ordinary into the extraordinary….Erin Farrell-style!

Crissie T. - Love this post! And absolutely love your final images. 🙂

Adrian - What a vivid example of how awesome professional photography is for creating amazing images!

Dawna Meadows - You do such an incredible job! Love this post and love Kristin’s “turning the ordinary into the extraordinary…Erin Farrell-style” quote – couldn’t have said it any better myself!

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