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Erin & Ryan {Winterthur Delaware Wedding Photographer}

I had been really looking forward to Erin and Ryan’s wedding at Winterthur Gardens.  First of all, it’s where I really wanted to have our wedding, but it just didn’t work out.  And secondly, it’s where my husband and I take our kids all the time.  It’s a gorgeous place and I definitely encourage anyone in the area to check it out!

Anyway, onto the pictures!

Did you know that a pair of spoons work great to get rid of under-eye puffiness?

Erin and Ryan opted to see each other before the ceremony so we had more time for pictures.  I love how excited Ryan is!

Cocktail hour around the reflecting pool.  For you photographers out there, this was taken at twilight and my settings were:  2.8   1/125  ISO 25,600.  Yes, that is 25,600!!


Laura Tuoni - Aaahhhhhhhhh!! I’ve been waiting to see these! You did an amazing job Erin Farrell!
Eri, you and Ryna looked amazingly happy in every single picture 🙂 Love you guys! xoxo

Kristy Lynn - Erin these are fantastic. I can’t believe your ISO was so high on that one, it is awesome!! I love her dress!!

Kelley - What a gorgeous bride and amazing images. I’m certain this beautiful couple will love their wedding pictures forever!

Suzanne - i loooooove these pictures! amazing! gorgeous bride. i love the picture right before he sees her 🙂

brit - absolutely beautiful job, erin!

Adrienne - Erin! Once again you take the cake! 25,600 ISO!?!

Evelyn - These are all so simply beautiful!! You did an awesome job at capturing their day. Lovely wedding!!

Robin - Gorgeous! Absolutley gorgeous!!!

Delaware Maternity Photographer

We had to reschedule once due to rain and since mom was very close to her due date, we were going to have to do this session rain or shine.  It wasn’t looking promising, but literally, just as I was pulling up the driveway, the clouds parted and we had a perfect evening.  And she even brought her horse along!  How cool is that?


Tiffany - Oh my goodness, that sunset shot is stunning!

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