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Matilda Jane Clothing Company | Delaware Children’s Photography

When I was contacted my Matilda Jane Clothing Company to do another blog review, I was thrilled!  Their newest collection is called “It’s a Wonderful Parade” and is full of fun, colorful pieces!  When I told my daughter they were sending her another outfit, we quickly hopped online to peruse their collection and pick which outfit was our favorite.  I really loved this cardigan and the Funnel Cake Knot Dress.  My daughter’s favorite was this pretty Melt Away Emilia Dress.  When the package arrived and it was something different, her dissapointment didn’t last long though.  Folded up so nicely inside their own fabric pouches were the Love Bug Knot Top, Cloudy Puffer Tee, and my daughter’s favorite – Sweetheart Ruffled Leggings.  I cannot even describe how soft and stretchy and almost silky the tee and leggings feel!

I knew the best place to photograph this outfit would be at my Dad’s farm and I couldn’t wait for our schedule and the weather to align together.  Turns out, it didn’t happen until Easter Day.  We had so much fun exploring the farm and feeding the sheep.  We were hoping for more shots with the lambs, but they were too skittish.  But she did catch a fish! 🙂



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