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Baby H’s Birth Story {Delaware Birth Photographer}

Jen is a friend of mine, a fellow photographer and she often second shoots for me.  So when she asked me to photograph the birth of her eighth (yes, you read that right — EIGHTH ) baby, I was thrilled.  I also assumed it was going to be an incredibly fast labor.  For most labors, I head to the hospital when I get word that the mother is 5cm dilated.  But with Jen, I told her I’d meet her at the hospital door.  haha

I get a text around 10pm that her water broke, so I think “Yay!  I’m going to be able to photograph this birth and be home before I have to get my kids off to school!”  I spring into action and hop in the car for the 25 minute drive to the hospital.  When I’m about five minutes away, she texts me and asks if she wants me to call or text when they head in.  “uh . . .you mean you’re not heading in NOW?”  Here is a screen shot of her initial response and then mine.


So, I didn’t tell her I was already practically at the hospital and I headed home and climbed into bed, fully clothed.  And then I didn’t hear her text at midnight that she was finally going in.  Thankfully (for photo purposes), she was only 2cm dilated and was still the same when I woke up at 6am and saw her text.  I headed down to the hospital and stayed all day.  Super slow progress (as it seems the baby had flipped into a breech position overnight.  Jen was such a champ though — they did an version (which for those that don’t know, is where they manually rotate the baby by pressing incredibly hard on your abdomen).  It was successful, but progress was still slow.

So slow, in fact, that I ended up leaving the hospital to drive an hour north to shoot an engagement session and had time to stop at home to help put my kids to bed and then back to the hospital.   It was  just before 2am that baby H was born.  Jen’s oldest daughter was also there to witness her newest sibling arrive.   Actually, Jen let her children decide on the new baby’s name!  What an amazing experience.  Congratulations G Family!




Foto Clipping - From beginning to end….the portraits are just mind blowing and perfectly executed 🙂 rlly lovely story 🙂

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