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Christmas Express {Delaware Portrait Photographer}

I am a big believer in customer loyalty.  It drives me crazy when I see a company offer big discounts to new customers, but nothing for the customers who have been using them for years.  So, I try to do better in my little business.  One of these ways in my annual client appreciation event.  This is the second year I’ve held the event at the Wilmington & Western Railroad and I really look forward to this evening each year!

We had the chance to mingle and munch on hot chocolate and cookies (provided by the fabulous B-Line Treats) and chat with Santa for a bit before boarding the train.  Then it was time for our train ride!  The whole train is decorated (inside and out) with colorful Christmas lights and then the people who live along the train track all decorate their yards.  It’s pretty special 🙂

This year we also adopted a family (two families, actually) and I was blown away at how generous everyone was with their gifts.  If only I could have been a fly on the wall when those families opened their presents on Christmas Day.



Peter Jones - Wonderful photos of the Pre-Christmas event. I was on the 2.30 Autumn train on 2nd Oct while on holiday with a friend. What a wonderful ride. I visit many Preserved lines over here in the UK and treated my family – all 14 of us – to a Premier Lunch on the Golden Arrow service on the Bluebell railway in East Sussex UK and I am hoping to visit your area again later this year.

A Happy New Year to You All

Peter Jones

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