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Win a FREE 11×14 canvas! {Delaware Wedding and Portrait Photographer}

Canvases are amazing.   They really are.  My clients always love them, but they are not cheap and not everyone can afford to purchase one.  So here’s your chance to WIN a free 11×14 gallery wrapped canvas!  You can either get an image from a previous session made into one or save it for an upcoming session.  Here are two canvases of my kids before they went up on the wall.  We get so many compliments on these!


Here are the details:

I want you to go out into the great world wide web and write some reviews about your experience with Erin Farrell Photography.  That means you must either be a current or a past client of mine.  Then come back and post the link where you wrote your review.  Pretty simple, huh?

You can enter up to 5 different times.  And don’t feel like you need to write a different review for each site – just copy & paste! 🙂

  1. Leave a review for me on www.weddingwire.com
  2. Leave a review for me on www.google.com
  3. Leave a review for me on www.yahoo.com
  4. Leave a review on my facebook fan page
  5. Write a review on your own personal/business blog with a link to my website

In order for me to count your entry, you must leave a SEPARATE comment on this blog post for each review you wrote.   I will then randomly draw a number to determine the winner.  The more reviews you leave, the better your chance to win!

Contest ends next Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 at noon.

(oh, and for those of you who have previously left reviews on any of those sites — no need to write it again, just send me the link)

Happy Reviewing! 🙂


Marissa - Hi Erin,

I added a review here:

Thanks’s for shooting Deanna’s wedding in October. You did a great job!

Marissa Crozier

Andi - I updated the one on fb, too. Because the new one is better written. 🙂

Casey W - There’s a review on your facebook fan page, too!

Laura - And there’s already a review on your FB fan page 🙂


Laura - And my Yahoo review.


I don’t have a business/personal website, so I think that’s all my entries 🙂

Kim Glick - http://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/erin-farrell-photography-smyrna/e4cf5589fe33dadc.html

Here is the wedding wire one… maybe it didn’t come up….

Nicole - We wrote this on Wedding Wire just after the wedding:


Interestingly enough, our friend works there so we were one of the first people to start using the site!

You are truely the best and just as endearing as your photos. <3

Nicole - We wrote this just after our wedding 2.5 years ago – our friend works for the wedding wire site and let us know about reviews at the time.


additionally, your personality is as endearing as your photos. we are lifetime fans of both you and your work <3

Afton - I posted a review on wedding wire

Afton - I posted a review on your fb page too

Afton - Posted review on google.

Afton - Posted on Yahoo also 🙂

Kristy - So…two so far. I am keeping my finger crossed for the canvas…think the one of us walking near the ocean would be awesome in a canvas!!


Brenda - https://www.facebook.com/erinfarrellphoto?sk=app_6261817190
I just added my review on fb!

Brenda - https://www.facebook.com/erinfarrellphoto?sk=app_6261817190

I just posted my review to fb!! 🙂

Brenda - Ok, so I didn’t mean to post my FB link here twice…but I’m having a bit of computer trouble today. Hopefully my review for google.com has posted by now too (also having trouble getting it to save to the site). http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=12097258333396442265&q=smyrna+delaware+wedding+photographer&hl=en&gl=us&vps=1&jsv=323a&sll=39.283976,-75.619062&sspn=0.038058,0.034591&ie=UTF8&action=openratings

Melissa Bear - EFP! You are amazing and we are so excited to get up with the Family Bears this weekend in MIDDLETOWN and “oogle” over all the fabulous and amazing pics from our OC shoot. Katie and I are framing the lollipop pics for our family rooms!

I posted some review for our fam on all the outlets you suggested…please see attached links as a ref.

Much love and here’s to working together in the future.
Melissa Bear

Katelyn - Here’s the first review on WeddingWire! Thanks again, Erin!


Malia - I posted on Google! I want to write another one somewhere else and make it better though ;)… http://maps.google.com/maps?q=erin+farrell+photography&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&oe=UTF-8&rlz=1I7GGLF_en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wl

Malia - Erin, I wish that I could tell everyone in the world about how amazing you are! There is no doubt you will continue to succeed in what you do because you truly are an amazing photographer. Here is my last review on facebook… https://www.facebook.com/erinfarrellphoto?sk=app_6261817190

Nichole - https://www.facebook.com/erinfarrellphoto?sk=app_6261817190

A review on your facebook page 🙂

Katelyn - Yahoo Review: http://local.yahoo.com/details?id=80715808&tab=reviews&rvwconf=1&alertconf=-1

It would not allow me to leave it under my name, so its the one with lots of numbers : )

Melissa Bear - Furtub/facebook site
Melissa Goglia Bear
DC/B-MORE friends. Erin Farrell Photog is truly the real deal. Always a skeptic …I was amazed. Artistic shots without being too “you know what I mean”. If you need a photog for new babies or family parties check her out! Endorsed!
Erin Farrell Photography – Delaware Wedding Newborn Baby Infant Child and Children’s Photographer Wi
Thanks for making your way over to my blog. This is where you will find sneak peeks from recent weddings and portrait sessions, plus general announcements and updates! So be sure to check back often.

Melissa Bear - Remove Post
Melissa Goglia Bear
“” A photo-journalist first and sweet-heart second Erin Farrell of Erin Farrell Photography elicited spontaneous one of a kinds shots that we can’t stop looking at. She spent time with our family, got to know us and then captured our personality with original ideas and unique concepts to combat a rainy outdoor shoot. Thanks EFP. We will be sure to pass on your card to family and friends who gush over our pictures. March 2011
Erin Farrell Photography
March 18 at 4:01pm · LikeUnlike · · Review

Colleen S - https://www.facebook.com/erinfarrellphoto?sk=app_6261817190

(no idea why it’s only putting the stars and not the actual writing…will keep trying)

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