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Trick or Treat

Or “Tic ehr teetin'”  as Molly called it.  🙂

She had been so excited all day.   Scratch that . . she had been so excited all WEEK.  We set off and she did great.  CJ, however, just wanted to walk.  and not necessarily towards the houses.   And eat his candy . . . through the wrapper.  So after about 4-5 houses, Daddy took CJ back to the house to hand out candy while Molly and I kept going.  After two more houses, she also wanted to go home.  I managed to get her to walk around the blog and hit a few more houses, but all she wanted to do was go home.  She did love handing out candy to the other kids though.  🙂

Onto the pics (Molly was Snow White and CJ was Dopey, if you couldn’t tell).  He will probably hate me when he’s older, but he looked so darn cute!


Beira - so cute! I can’t believe how big CJ is already!!!

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