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In Love

I am in love with my new sample canvas.  It was waiting on my doorstep when we arrived home from running around all morning (storytime @ the library, Staples run, picked up a birthday present at Toys R Us, pizza for lunch) and was RUSHING to get the kids down for a nap so I could open it without interruptions.  It’s GORGEOUS.  Absolutely GORGEOUS.  I wish I had a picture like this of me and my baby to hang up.  And, of course, that I looked that good in jeans, as well. 🙂

I also wanted to show what a 16 x 20 canvas looks like next to a standard door.  A lot of my clients stick with 8 x 10s and smaller because they’re afraid to go big.  Well, this just shows that what seems big when you order it, really doesn’t seem that big at all once it’s up on a wall.


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