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Freshly Born Baby [Delaware Birth Photographer]

There’s nothing better in the world a brand new baby and I had the incredible opportunity to document that today.   Just barely though — Mom progressed super quickly and by the time I got the call that she was close, I sprinted to the hospital just in time.  I literally walked in the door, started shooting and within probably 40 SECONDS, baby Noland was born.  Simply amazing.

Just one image to share for now.  This was the first shot I fired off.  Take a good look at the clock in the background.  Noland was born at 1:41 pm.  🙂

More images coming soon . . .


Caroline - I love the delivery room photos! I’ve had a family member taking pictures for all 3 births, and wish I had a professional doing it! I’m a “semi-pro” and am very psyched about the fact that I will be taking pics for my cousin during her c-section in October. Can’t wait! Your pictures are amazing!

Brian - As my wife (and I) has birthed 3 kids, we’ve learned that modestly is left at the hospital door. Do many people approach you for this or is it a very random thing. While I did not get many pictures of our first child at the hospital, I have hundreds of the 2nd and 3rd entering the world. I would think more people would want this captured. Am I wrong?

Robin - Let me say how beautiful these are! I happen to be an l&d nurse and am starting to dibble dabble in photography. Mostly for myself. I would however love to take birth photos because I see so many of these wonderful moments — and unfortunately not so wonderful that I know families would love to have. I think your composition rocks!! I am inspired and would love any tips!

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