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My Belated Announcement

So I just realized this weekend that I never made a formal announcement on my blog about this, but I’m PREGNANT!  Feels weird announcing it now since I’m already 33 weeks pregnant, but I am.  🙂

We’re having a little boy this time around and Molly understands about as much as can be expected of a 22 month old.   She is very excited about babies and loves to get all the babies clothes out and carry them around. 

My wonderful husband took me to Innerview Ultrasound to get a 3d/4d ultrasound done and it was soooooo neat!  Here is one of the images from baby boy’s first portrait session.

What does this mean for you?  Well, I’m photographing my last wedding next weekend (can’t wait Laura & Dan!) and then I’m done with weddings until October.  I will still be accepting a limited number of portrait sessions through the month of August though.

And since I can’t show favoritism, I’ll also post a picture of Molly from the 4th of July.


Denise - I’m partial to Molly’s outfit…he he he…..And the little man’s pic is amazing!!!!

april - Congratulations!!

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