Newborns are best photographed within the first two weeks of life, so please book before your due date!

Plan to feed your baby just before your session. A well fed baby is a happy, content baby. They should only be in a diaper when I arrive, that way we do not have to disrupt him/her by undressing them.

Please don’t feel stressed if we need to stop to allow your baby time for a feed, change or just a cuddle from mom or dad. I understand that little ones work on their own schedule, not mine. Sessions typically last 3-4 hours.

Also, please don’t panic if your baby goes to the bathroom on my items. This is to be expected and happens all the time! Let’s have burp cloths, wipes and clean up stuff out and ready.

I clean all of our items and wash all backgrounds and blankets after each session.

I recommend having a change of clothing available for everyone and plenty of diapers and wipes.

Feel free to have items you would like to incorporate ready to use. Family heirlooms or items special to your baby work well.  I love using handmade blankets and quilts made especially for your baby… please bring those!

Clothing for babies should be kept super simple – less is definitely best. Most of the portraits will be done naked or swaddled.

Sessions go smoother when it is warm.  Please turn the heat up in your house before I arrive.  I also bring a space heater  to help keep the room as toasty as possible.

Please make sure that whatever you dress your baby in before our session, that it is very loose so as to make those little texture marks not appear when we do start to strip down your baby.