This should be FUN!  Please let me lead the way and I will ask you if I need help.  As a mother and former preschool teacher, I like to work at their level and their pace.  There may be times when I will work one-on-one with them, away the pressures of “performing” for mom and dad.  I encourage you to bring a favorite doll or colorful toy.  Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep prior to our shoot.

A parent must always be present during the photo session.  It is your responsibility to make sure kids stay safe and that infants and babies are within your arms’ reach.

While I will do some images where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, I will also do some fun, interaction shots, so don’t be surprised if I ask you to lay on the ground and have a tickle fight!

Some other fun “theme” ideas for a photo shoot could be a cookie baking session, big family breakfast, go out for ice cream, family bike ride, etc.  The possibilities are endless! 🙂

Not sure what to wear?  Be sure to check the ‘What to Wear‘ section for wardrobe selections.